The Christmas Blogger Gift Swap Returns


If you haven’t heard about this event, where have you been? I’m totally kidding, of course, since I didn’t even know about it until a week or two ago.

Basically it’s an awesome event, run by Viola of A Piece of Viola, where bloggers are given the names of other bloggers, and then you buy gifts for each other. Kind of like a blogger version of secret santa.

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Inspirational Interview: Holly of Holb83 Adventures


Inspirational Interviews are all about giving you the motivation to get over hump day (aka Wednesday), and what better way to do that than with interviews with incredible bloggers?

For today’s Inspirational Interview, I put out a request on twitter looking for bloggers, since it’s great to find new blogs to follow. Holly’s blog is all about her, and I’m seriously jealous of some of them.

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The Spooky Halloween Tag


Image credit neverlandclub.


Isn’t halloween grand? It’s the one time of the year when it’s completely acceptable, nay encouraged, for adults to run around in costumes acting like children. Well, at least it’s okay in my books. I’m not hugely into halloween, but I do like carving pumpkins and wearing costumes. And eating chocolate.

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Fashion Inspiration: Patches, Pins and Embroidery


Image by Redd Angelo.

For today’s post, I’ve decided to tackle three trends in one. Embroidery, patches and pins are everywhere in high street stores at the moment, and what’s so great about them is how unique they can be. I don’t mean that pair of jeans from New Look that everyone else has, but what you can do with a simple denim jacket or bag that you have in your closet.

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