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Fantastic Clothes and Where to Wear Them

As you can probably tell, the coffee has kicked in. But who doesn’t love a good pun?

Today’s the day! I’ll be the first to admit that I woke up before the sun like a little child on Christmas day, because finally we’re getting some new material in the Potter-world. Sure, it might not be about Harry himself, but what about that Dumbledore name drop in the trailer? And Grindelwald. Plus, I love the clothes from the 20’s.

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Fashion From Fiction: Sherlock (Part 2)

Hello, and welcome back to another Fashion From Fiction.

I promised you another Sherlock post, and here it is! If you missed the last one you can find it here. All caught up?

So, after last time, I thought I’d focus on a few of the other characters in the show, namely the three M’s; Molly, Mycroft and Moriarty.

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Featured Friday: Velvet

Image by Brooke Cagle.

Featured Fridays are all about one trend, item, or brand, and this week I’ve decided to focus on the most luxurious of autumn trends…

Velvet. It’s an easy way to add a touch of drama and glamour to an outfit, and make you feel extra luxurious. Plus, it feels nice when you wear it.

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Fashion Inspiration: Autumn Activities

Image by Cecil Vedemil.

Are you ready for another autumn inspired post? Of course you are. I just can’t seem to stop myself writing about my favourite season of the year. Who doesn’t love  pumpkin spice, candles and snuggly jumpers? More than that, I always feel like there’s hope in the air when it starts to get colder. It’s like anything could happen.

Although the days get shorter, there’s a never ending list of thing you can do. Here are just a few outfits inspired by some autumn activities.

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